Zeldata ERP software includes ERP, HRM, CRM, accounting, sales, and project management, and more business management tools in one place.

Systems Features

Easy To Navigate Dashboard

Zeldata ERP Software has an easy-to-navigate and intuitive dashboard that provides entrepreneurs and business owners with all the important business functionalities in one place. Zeldata ERP makes it easier for businesses to track various data points, including total clients, users, invoices, projects, estimations, meetings, attendance, leads, and deals. This also provides an overview of estimates, invoices, top-due payments, projects, and tasks so that you can take timely action. You can also use the dashboard to analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns. You will get a broad overview of your projects with our pie chart and diagram-based reporting tools.

Light Weight Desktop Application

Sharable lightweight desktop application that allows you to keep track of the time management of the employees. You can do this by starting the timer feature, which can also be customized to capture screenshots of the time tracking application within a specified time.

Business Settings

Ability to manage your business on autopilot. This allows you to create and manage all brand information required to make necessary decisions.

Form Builder

Create and manage multiple forms with inbuilt form fields just the way you want them. Inbuilt form fields include Text, Email, Number, Description, Date, and much more.

User Management

Employee Management

Zeldata Intuitive HR module renders services that simplify all the HR processes. Our HR modules allow you to maintain the data of all employees, including their name, designation, employee code/id, salary, and contact information. Furthermore, you can manage the attendance of the employees both onsite and off-site. It also includes a section to record employee skill sets so that each employee gets assigned to their appropriate task when needed.

Assign roles to each staff

Managing users can be daunting, so we have added a user management functionality. For example, whether you want to create a new user, update your user profile, or remove users based on the admin decision(s).

Payment Management

Create Invoices, Bill, and Get Payment

Zeldata offers entrepreneur and small business owners a seamless payment management Integration that allows you to generate invoices and bills payment. You can also receive payment from your clients and get notified within a few seconds. Improve your billing, invoicing, and payment experience with Zeldata's solution.


Take advantage of our automatic Payroll system that manages and streamlines all outgoing payments processes. You can include different pay rates and bills for each employee or team, then choose the payment method and frequency. Our payroll system sends automatic payments to these employees at the set appropriate time.

Integrated Contract Module

The Zeldata contract module section provides a flexible option for managing your contracts with your clients. It is very useful for documenting contracts properly, showing the value, duration, and type of contract you have with your clients.

Performance and Appraisal Tracking Tools

Goal Tracking, Indicator, and Appraisal

With zeldata performance-driven solution, you can make sure your business Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), milestones, goals, and objectives are met. You can assign performance scores to employees, and the monthly overview chart allows businesses to narrow down which employees and processes are affecting business goals positively and negatively. You can also use a tag system to designate the best employee of the month based on performance.

Manage Pre-Sale

Leads Management

With our integrated lead management tool, entrepreneurs and business owners don't have to worry about making a sales call, missing, or scheduling appointments. Our software, alongside its unified pipeline, is packed to handle your lead's information, such as Items, Files, Notes, Sources, Call Details, Emails, and Discussions. In addition, it allows lead retainment through automatic messaging and appointment scheduling.

Deal Management

Managing deals is a lot easier with Zeldata. You can manage your business deals in a well-structured calendar view with daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly overviews. You can also assign specific tasks, products, files, and users for each deal you create.


Generate estimates seamlessly with Zeldata estimates functionality. You can easily maintain a tab on provided estimates and price quotes and take care of the estimated quotes by designating clients, Status, and expiration dates for each.

Project Management


Manage your projects in a kanban, scrum, or list view. Use the built-in features such as roadmaps and intuitive cardboard to get a project overview, Status, budget, expenses, and due dates to manage each project. You can also add, remove, and update tasks as required. Project managers and teams can easily add notes, files, comments, timesheets, feedback, expenses, etc., related to the project with a push of a button. Our Project management tool is all you need to manage your project and the agile team on-site and remote.


You can manage various tasks to execute a successful project by filtering them by priority and due date. You can also add a checklist, comments, and files for each task and track your progress.

Project Timesheet

Seamlessly manage your project using our integrated timesheet by designating projects, tasks, and users. You can also schedule a start and end date for all your projects.

Sales Management Features

Budget Planner

This feature helps you manage expenses and maintain a positive cash flow. You can create monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual budgets according to your business plans. The functionality includes tabs for "income" and "expense," and you can edit, update, or delete the sub-categories as required.

Sales Management

Improve the efficiency of your sales team with our automated sales management functionality. It has been designed to help entrepreneurs and business sales team manage their opportunities by automating tasks and freeing up their time to build profitable and lasting relationships. For example, you can automate tasks such as sending invoices, making payments, managing expenses, scheduling meetings with clients, follow-ups, and competition assessments, copying and modifying existing items and their shipping, etc... With an accurate sales management module, businesses can achieve their sales objectives, record documents like agreements, invoices, orders, manage their accounts, update the records, and more.

Inventory Management

Manage items in your inventory effortlessly through our inventory management feature. It gives you an easy-to-use interface to monitor the data of each item you have added to the inventory. It also automatically updates the product information after sales or invoice clearing. In summary, it provides a seamless inventory management process for business owners.


With Zeldata ERP system, you have access to the graphical representation of reports in the form of graphs for tasks, financial details, Incomes and expenses, and Time logs. In addition, the report also includes information on generated invoices, estimates, meeting logs, employees' leave, presence and absence, and many similar aspects.

Project Collaboration and Communication Tools

Improve communication and collaboration with your employee using our sophisticated collaboration tool that allows you to create a project schedule, discuss the project in advance with teams, send online and offline messages, chat, and record events on the notice board. Your entire team can also join video calls, manage timelines, and collaborate on files seamlessly. The messaging apps integration Includes:

Zoom Integration

Slack App Integration

Twilio Integration

Added Chat Module

Events and Notice Board

Telegram Integration

All applications allow you to create multiple channels for separate discussions with different team members. It is also bundled with a built-in alert and notification handler that protect your systems and business processes.

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Loved by great business owners

We switched to Zeldata ERP in 2022 and couldn't be happier. The invaluable ability to link Payrool and Employees and look up all documents on a single platform is impressive. The custom reports feature is sleeky and easy to use and manipulate. All my business department from several companies were able to customize the software to fit their needs. The ability to sign in anywhere has made it easy for us to work from home.
Emily George
One good thing about this software is that their support is excellent they reply and make sure all your headaches are relieved. Currently, I use it to manage balance sheet, transactions processing, basic financial reporting, and cash flow. Budget implementation and forecasting processes to add value to our business.
Andrew Colin
As a freelancer, I use Zeldata ERP as a tool that comes with important business modules that makes keeping track of my clients projects, creating proposals, contracts, and payment receipt easier with few clicks. It is light weight easy to use and understand. I highly recommend Zeldata ERP to everyone looking to make managing their business tasks easy.
Justin Wilson
Zeldata ERP is currently used across all functions of our agency, the internal admin team and accounting teams, as well as the management department of our client services team whom are responsible for project management, billables, time management and budget management across projects
Helena Martin

Frequently asked questions

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. No contract
Zeldata is mainly used by entrepreneurs and small business owners. We have different plans to meet your enterprise’s needs.
ERP gives you a more visual account of your business while allowing you to automate a lot of tasks that’ll ultimately increase your productivity and performance.
ERP is a software that helps organizations to use a number of different interconnected applications to automate processes in a business to increase performance and productivity. With Zeldata you will have ERP, CRM, HRM, Accounting, Project Management, Inventory Management all in one software.
Yes, we are always available to help with issues and questions. If you have additional questions or want to schedule a demo please send us an email at contact@zeldata.com

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